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Coating room – industrial coating

Our new coating room is equipped with special technology for industrial coating, including surface preparation of coated units by blasting in a blasting box. Its maximum size is 15 x 5 x 4.5 m. The loading trolleys designed for blasting units weighing up to 10 t are the part of the coating room. The premises are also fitted with a gantry crane, also with a load capacity up to 10 t.

Coating room Hucik.eu

Coating and blasting in external areas

We use mobile equipment and other necessary technologies for coating and blasting in external areas at our customers premises.

Blasting box

The blasting box is equipped with suction and filtration of air during blasting, as well as regeneration of the blasting medium, which is a special steel crumb. During regeneration, the blasting fumes are separated into a special container and are ecologically disposed of. The pulp is returned to the system for further use.

The surface of the part to be coated is blasted to the prescribed degree according to the SA scale in accordance with the technological requirement of the coating system manufacturer in the blasting box.

Coating box

The coating box including the drying part has a state-of-the-art air extraction and filtration system. The suction unit includes a set of filters, including carbon filters, which guarantee maximum filtration efficiency. The latest environmental regulations are observed during operation.

We apply almost all types of coating systems available manufacturers following their technological procedures and technical sheets. Units and their components, which can be coated, are limited to 10 t in weight for handling reasons. Spatial dimensions must be agreed upon in advance for each case.