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Material surface preparation

To prepare the surface we use mobile blasting device from AIRBPLAST. This device prepares the material surface to the degree of cleanliness according to the standard ČSN and to the degree of roughness according to Rugotest No. 3 or ISO Comparator. We decide on the type of the device based on the demanded surface quality.

We own three mobile blasting devices with 14 t supply of abrasive materials which allows a few days’ blasting without refilling. These devices enable us to blast (depending on the blast quality) 400 – 600 m2 of the surface per day.

The latest news in our offer is stone and sandstone plinth blasting and car bodywork blasting. The new machines are equipped with aftercoolers as well as water and oil separating filters which guarantee that the blasted material is maximally clean.

Our company also offers mobile blasting platforms, from which it is also possible to blast.

Types of blasting

  • steel constructions blasting
  • cement constructions blasting
  • abrasive cleaning
  • old house plasters removing by blasting
  • stone and sandstone plinth blasting
  • blasting from mobile platforms