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Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures

Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures is implemented to restore the original mechanical and physical properties of these reinforced concrete structures. For these purposes, we use materials from reputable manufacturers, including proven technologies.

Depending on the required project, we realize two basic directions of rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures.

Before surface rehabilitationGroutingGroutingSurface rehabilitation finished

1. Surface rehabilitation

The purpose of surface rehabilitation is to restore the degraded surface of the concrete structure, including the protection of the exposed steel reinforcement.

Technological procedure:

  • Removal of the degraded concrete layer by shaking and blasting with the highpressure water jet.
  • Removal of corrosion residues from the exposed steel reinforcement or its local repairs and implementation of its corrosion protection.
  • Removal of dust from the repaired surface and reprofiling.
  • Coating of the individual filling and covering layers of remediation materials on the repaired surfaces under the technical data sheets of the materials used.
  • Implementation of any final protective coating on the entire rehabilitated surface.

2. Grouting

This rehabilitation method is primarily used for repairing surface and internal cracks of concrete structures. With its implementation, we can mainly achieve the removal of water permeability of the concrete structure, making the grouted object resistant to penetration of water and moisture from outside and inside.

Technological procedure:

  • As in the previous case, the surface is stripped of non-cohesive parts and then blasted with a high-pressure water jet and, after drying, stripped of surface dust.
  • It is followed by drilling the grouting holes in the prescribed manner under the technical data sheet of the chosen grouting material.
  • Removal of dust from the drilled holes with grout packers.
  • The actual grouting shall also be realized according to the prescribed procedure with a special grouting material, usually based on a two-component resin, at pressures of up to 90 bar.
  • It fills and seals all cracks in the grouting field with expanding grout.
  • The grout packers are removed and we fill the holes with a special quick-setting grout.

The decision to use one or the other type of rehabilitation depends on the state of the object to be repaired, its desired characteristics and the purpose of its use after repair. Which of the rehabilitation methods is to be used is always determined after an inspection of the object. We usually use a combination of both rehabilitation methods.